SMS Travel Map provides an online location-tracking map which is updated over SMS. This allows the map to be updated in remote places without Internet access, which (in much of the world) is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Based in Bath, England.

Android app developed by James Nicholls.

Website and backend developed by James Stanley:

In summer 2014, I did the Mongol Rally in a 1992 Nissan Micra. To keep friends, family and colleagues up to date while I was away, I wanted a method to keep a live map tracking my location that I could update without Internet access. I couldn't find any such service, so built a simple system based on Nexmo, a CGI script, and an Android app. After getting back, I began work on SMS Travel Map to provide the same capability to the masses.

The map from the rally is in SMS Travel Map at http://smstravelmap.com/map/0f0mvsnc.

Mongol Rally car at rally finish line