An online map of your travels,
updated over SMS.

Free to try, only £9 per month while you send updates.
Complete satisfaction or your money back.

SMS Travel Map Example

Track your route

Each location update you send is added to a map showing your route, and each update can include a short message.

Why SMS?

Using SMS in preference to the Internet allows you to update your map from places in the world where you don't have an Internet connection.

Share live updates

No need to wait until you get back to share your route. Friends and family can follow your map as you go.

What you get

  • Online map of your travels including route and status updates
  • Android app to update your map over SMS
  • Instructions for updating your map over SMS without the app
  • Link to your map to share with anyone and everyone

Getting SMS Travel Map tracking is easy.

  1. Sign in and start a new map
  2. Download the SMS Travel Map app on your phone and enter your map key.
  3. Send the map link to your family and friends.
  4. Set off on your travels, sending updates whenever you want.
  5. Your family and friends see your location updates whenever they check the map.

Create your first map and start sending updates

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